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Many Servers beside the bot issues they also have one more thing in common . Almost all use the same formula for balance scaling system leading to two playable end game class's (Archers + Mages). Making the gameplay monotone and  not fun for players who seek to play other class's too.

What we offer:
Individual in game checks of all class's, testing the skills,stats and their actual pvp action. After finishing with this process we give in-depth explanation with things that interfere with the balance and how to fix them.

Tester - Packet 20

Onizuka#8568 for more infos
GM - Bot Hunter
Botting is common issue nowdays, many servers suffer because of that and overall it's bad experience. Especially for players who doesnt use cheats giving the unfair taste in their mouth. Sellers who offer build in anti-bot protection claim that their product is the "solution" for this issue but the problem is still there and rolling. So the most effective way is to provide active protection by a human being instead of some codes making checks here and there.

What we offer

We take our job seriously since someone is willing to pay for this service, it will be rude (if not trashy) to give something bad in return. So our goal is to give the owner alongside the players in community a good quality - bot-free experience. Documenting all the actions made by the GM - Bot Hunter and giving the history of actions to the owner so he knows what is going on.
As for permissions Jail command is enough for our job.

Session:  GM - Bot Hunter 8 (per day)
Full time: GM - Bot Hunter 200 (monthly)

Onizuka#8568 for more infos
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