Server : L2 euro-pvp

Server Features:Server is x100 (vip bones x150), You start lvl 20 in Goddard, no lvling zones you have to use the retail locations. Servers currency is adena for weaps/armors/misc and for customs EURO coin's, PVP coin's. You can easily farm to get the S grade armors/jewls. Server has apella giving the retail stats cp,cp recovery . Server use custom skins for weapons , also many custom accessories,agathions w.o bonus stats. NPC Buffer include almost all buffs if you are premium you get resists,cat/seraphim,malaria,flu aswell.

Community: Community (mostly Russians) is not active and small, everyone is minding their own business. I found a kind player who answered my questions. Overall average.

Balance: Same with most servers out there , main used class's are Archers,Mages. Server is new so i didnt see siege/mass action yet. Pvp action is fast due to huge boost from buffs.

Grinding: To get S grade is easy. If you are a solo player you will find it hard to get RB jewls, it's possible tho. Not that hard overall.

Donations: Donation shop includes everything rb jewls,customs accessories,skins,enchanted armors and weaps,noblesse,color name/title you name it.

Staff: I didnt see much of that.


      PvP zone is kinda dead, not that much action.
      Few class's to play

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