Server : L2 Reality

Server Features:Server rates are x1000, super high pvp features. Armor/jewls max +30 , Weaps max +35. Server has custom weapons/armors, custom Skins,Accessories NPC Buffer includes all buffs. To buy custom weaps/armors u need reality golds/silvers you can get them from farm zones.

Community: Community is not active , not many people on. Found a good guy to help me answering my questions. Overall community is average.

Balance: Enchant rates are high so pvp action is extremely high. Making the balance unstable, most played class's are Archers/Mages. Balance is bellow average.

Grinding: You can actually get almost everything by farming solo, your progress will be faster if you have friends helping you to do boss's.

Donations: You can get everything from donation shop augms Active/Passive,Armors,Weapons,Accessories, option to enchant your armors/weaps/jewls to +30,+35 , RB jewls, you name it.

Staff: I didnt see much of it.

    You can actually farm solo and get everything.

    Donate oriented
    Balance unstable
    No pvp action

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