Server : L2 KetraWars

Server Features: Server is x1200 with pvp features. Server use only adena as currency using the .deposit command you get the ketra coins which is basically adena. GM shop includes all armors/weaps/jewls (+core,orfen) except the rest RB jewls. NPC buffer includes all buffs you can buy premium buffs with ketra coins which are basically adena. Server also includes apella armor giving the retail stats. No custom weaps/armors. Server also have custom things related to appearance like char skins,weap skins (no extra stats). Enchants max for armors are +12 for weaps +16.

Community: Community (mostly Russians) is active. It's very hard to communicate tho because most of them doesnt speak english. Making it hard to find clan,friends.

Balance: Nothing new compared to other servers, mainly used class's are Archers, Mages few gladis,OL. On mass pvp, sieges you will see support class's like tanks,WL,OL. PvP action is fast , because of the boost from buffs. Still not that fast compared to other servers i reviewed. Nothing special tho.

Grinding: To get decent gear is not that hard if you are a solo player. Getting the rb jewls it is tho, you have to find clan (if u dont have one) to get this objectives.  

Donations: Everything is included there, from enchants to rb jewls,custom skins,accessories etc... You can get +18 weaps,+16 armors,jewls. Rates w.o donations are +12 for armors,jewls and +16 for weapons. So if you make donation you get advantage over the f2p players.

Staff: Didnt see much of it.

    You can get decent gear if you are a solo player.
    Long term server

    Donators have huge advantage over the f2p players.
    Hard to find english speaking players
    Few class's to play

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