Server : L2 Miracle

Server Features: Server is x5000 with high pvp features, max enchant for armor and weapon is +25. GM shop includes everything except the custom sets (apella,oath). NPC Buffer includes all buffs except resists,malaria,flu. Rebirth manager increasing your base stats with gold bars (adena). Custom shop with oath , apella armors (no custom weapons). GK includes all farming zones.

Community: Community is small but helpful, they will answer all your questions if you ask them. One kind sir helped me with lvling he gave me also adena. Everyone is minding his own business. Overall "ok".

Balance: PvP action is fast due to boost from buffs and rebirth system, mainly used class's are Mages + Archers. Same like most servers out there.

Grinding: You can easily get gear in a few days, it's solo friendly server so you can get everything alone. It's easy server overall, good for people who want to avoid hardcore farming.

Donations: Donation shop includes enchanting,rb jewls, tattoo of damage (which basically is all tattoos combined together), hero for 1 day,oly B grade weaps and some accessories.  

Staff: Didnt see much of it.

    solo friendly server

    Few class's to play
    Not too much action on pvp zone's

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