Server : L2 Mafia

Server Features: Server is x100 with pvp features, main currency is adena,. GM shop includes all grades (up to B is free). NPC buffers includes all buffs even malaria,flu. With raid boss tokens you can buy rb jewls and with pvp coins you can get tattoos. Special Trader (NPC) includes all the rb jewls , tattoos , shields, upgrade stones,noblesse etc. You can increase your base stats if you speak to rebirth manager using upgrade stones. Server doesnt have custom weapons,armors only custom skins,shields for your char (no extra stats). Safe enchant is +4 and max +18 enchant rates with bews 60% after +4 it gets decreased (-3%), normal enchants have 25% chances.
Server includes also many features if you use alt + B, like increasing your fps,block heal ,repair ,top pvp, top pk etc...

Community: Community is new, server started today so i didnt see much of it. They seem to be ok so far.

Balance: Most used class's so far are Mages, balance is same with other servers. PvP action is normal to fast.

Grinding: Grinding is average to hard, if you are a solo player it will take a while to gear up. If you are in CP it will be easier farming on party zone etc..., For RB's it will be exetremely hard to get any since big CP's wont let you to do anything. Its normal tho it's part of the game.
*Note:You can get adena from pvping aswell.

Donations: Donation list doesnt include rb jewls, armors,weapons. They include misc,noblesse and vip which gives 25% more adena and access to skins.

Staff: I found one issue with some skills made petition and they responded fast. They fixed it too, nothing wrong so far, so Staff is fine.

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