Server : L2 e-Global

Server Features:Server is x50 Craft with high pvp features almost identical to La2 Dream. Armors/Jewls/Weaps up to B in shop. NPC with almost full buffs if you are premium you get resists,cat/seraphim,malaria,flu aswell. No custom weaps,armors,accessories,skins.

Community: Community (mainly Greeks) can help you if you have questions about the game etc.They are not that active tho. Everyone is minding his own business, thats it pretty much. Overall community is "ok". Nothing special tho.

Balance: Nothing new on this department i saw mostly mages,archers for pvp, and  WL,OL,Tanks on mass pvp, siege's. PvP action is fast because of the huge boost from buffs.

Grinding: Grinding is not that easy. You have to give some time in order to see you efforts get rewarded. So definetely not an easy one in terms of grinding (similar to La2 Dreams). Features on drop/exp are identical to La2 Dreams. Nothing new there.

Donations: If you are a competitive f2p player you will see a wall in the progress department . Because players who use premium basically are ahead of you all the time. Kinda forcing you to buy the premium like most servers who use premium system. Noblesse is included on donates, name,title colors. Good thing about e-Global is that they didnt include the A,S armors,weaps on their donation list.

Staff: I had issues with the game client every time i logged i was getting critical error  (i did everything). I always use clean client on my reviews etc... Anyway i logged to their discord and wrote my problem. Never got respond. So i cant say that their support is on point.

    Few benefits via donations if you are a guy who dont mind paying for his comfort.
    Clean info center , you can find pretty much everything.
    Clean from customs.

    Identical features with other x50 servers.
    Support is not that great.

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