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L2 Ares
« on: June 01, 2020, 04:45:48 PM »
Server : L2 Ares

Server Features: Server is x5 (low rate) with pvp features. GM Shop includes all grade Armors,Weapons,Jewls even RB jewls obtainable either with adena or pvp rewards,pk rewards. NPC Buffer includes all the basics buffs (no 3rd class,dances,songs) you get access to buffs with vote reward exchanging it to buff tickets. Customs, once you complete your 3 sub class's you gain access to infinity weapons.
Custom NPC to change to noblesse (requires x5 lunargents,1 hellfire oil,20kk AA), and  3rd class (requires x3 sub class , 76+ lvl, 10kk AA).

*Note: If you are from Europe, you will have insane ping.

Community: Community (mostly Argentinians) is active but it's extremely hard to communicate most of them doesnt speak english. They are friendly tho and they can help you if you manage to communicate somehow. Overall ok.

Balance: For a x5 server balance is unstable, due to boost from buffs, custom weapons. Mostly played chars for pvp are Mages + Archers in sieges you see support classes OL,WL,Tanks,BD,SWS,WC.

Grinding: If you are solo non-argentinian player you will find hard to grind alone, basic buffs from npc buffers helps a lot tho. To get the S grade, epics will take a long time to get.

Donations: Server is donate oriented , you can find almost everything in donation shop (like B,A,S grade gear). Definetely not ideal for a low rate server.

Staff: I couldnt progress due to issues with critical errors, whenever i tried to tp to gludio i was always getting critical and somehow i stayed still on the same town. I tried to contact them and nobody answered.

    Files are kinda messed up, you can clearly see primeval isle on the map (even tho server is C4)
    Donate oriented
    features doesnt match a low rate server