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L2 Eliot
« on: June 03, 2020, 09:50:06 PM »
Server : L2 Eliot

Server Features: You get spawned lvl 76 in Giran , you can get the rest lvl's either by going in lvling  zone or farm spots up to S grade gear is free (GM shop includes all items). With farm tokens you can get the rb jewls,bews and several other items. They are obtainable by normal mobs on farm zones. NPC buffer includes all buffs except malaria,flu,cat,seraphim,resists you can get them either by paying with farm tokens or vip account. Team Fight Manager NPC for 3 vs 3  , 9 vs 9. Server has achievement book with infos how to progress and get the rewards. No custom weapons,armors.
*Note: You can exchange the farm tokens for raid tokens inorder to get rb jewls.

Community: Community is small , minding their own business. Overall average.

Balance: You see mainly Archers + Mages. But you can play gladi,tyrant,dagger (they are playable) if you know how to play them. For mass pvp,sieges you can see several class's. PvP action is slower compared to other pvp servers which is nice.

Grinding: Server is ideal for solo players you can get everything by farming alone pretty much. To get everything tho will take time.

Donations: Donation shop includes everything enchanting,rb jewls,augms,hero,noblesse,vip account,skins and many more.

Staff: Didnt see much of it.

    Slower pvp action
    Missions for players who like this kind of stuff
    good anti bot system
    Donation shop includes everything
    Fake engine bots
    Not that much action in pvp zone
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