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Author Topic: L2 Extreme  (Read 339 times)


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L2 Extreme
« on: May 19, 2020, 12:42:48 AM »
First review of the forum will go to L2 Extreme.

I dont want to start with all the cliche things like bad server... Admin sucks etc.

Lets talk about the community first, rly i havent seen so many toxic people gathered together in one place. Heros spamming
all the time like bonobos in hc about their crappy youtube videos. Litterally every sec u see in global players flaming each other. Overall a very toxic community.

Server has a lot of custom things,full buffs plus malaria,flu  so pvp is very fast. Archers give 5 to 8k to mages. Its impossible to enjoy pvp there archers basically can kill everything. Server is made for kids just create archer get x2 d. mjght and start pressing f1.

Now about sieges, client is so heavy loaded because of the customs if you have a slow pc u are done. Remember l2 is old game so it should run with decent performance in all computers. This server is full of  custom shits the drop fps is insane. Basically everyone is hero imagine going for siege with 100 heros good luck with that.

If you are a solo player its very hard to get gear , its like they force you to leave. Solo farming spots are awfull, they pk you all the time (toxic community what did u expect).

Admin claims that he is on all the time still farm zones were full of bots. They didnt care about that obviously.

If you see the donation list you will understand why this server is up and what they are looking for..

About stability not even worth mentioning , 1-2 months server.

No Balance
No Support
Bad files
Toxic Community
Too many bots

Nah this server deserves to be in the bottom of the joke servers list.
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