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L2 Kot
« on: June 11, 2020, 12:41:40 AM »
Server : L2 KOT

Server Features: Server is x7 with pvp features, includes GM shop with only consumables including mana pots, (doesnt include gear,weaps), NPC buffer with all basic buffs duration 24 hours (no 3rd prof) with vip you get the rest buffs including  3rd prof buffs,resists etc... all class profs changes are free. Server also allows botting.

Community:Community (mostly russians) is not active,  didnt see much of it. You will farm all day alone w.o seeing any other ppl arround you. Kinda sad and lonely.

Balance: Server is x7 but has features of pvp servers, pvp action is average to fast due to boosts from NPC buffs. Same formula like other servers out there. Nothing special overall.

Grinding: Exp,farm is easy because of the free buffs and access to bots. It will take you a long time to get any epics since community is not that active and finding party/clan will be extremely hard.

Donations: Donate Shop includes everything, gear,weapons up to S grade (even epics) , vip  you name it.

Staff: Didnt see much of it.

    - Convenient for those who are busy in real life.
    - Donate oriented
    - Not so much action
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