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Author Topic: L2 Revolution  (Read 362 times)


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L2 Revolution
« on: May 20, 2020, 07:27:24 PM »
Server : L2 Revolution
BTW i will include videos with server features and sometimes action (if available) from now on.

Server Features: As i said on my previous reviews im not a fan of customs because they have side effects on balance. L2 revolution has customs for armor and weapons (not loaded that much tho). Some people like them but anyway it's up to the player.
You get almost full buffs from npc + malaria,flu (rest from AIO buffers) . This ofc leads to a very fast action and when action is fast you kinda lose the feeling of skills.

Community: Community is very helpful actually i didnt expect that. I asked someone for infos about how many AA each mob drop from party zone and he kindly answered he even game me items. I asked the 2 people you see in the video to duel for me so i can see how is the actual action (it's fast i knew it already). And they kindly said yes helping me for the recording thats so nice of them i rly appreciated that. I also asked several people how they rate server etc... Most of them answered (giving positive feedback). So community was fine.

Balance: We all know that on pvp servers it's very hard to see different class's beside the most common mage+archer combo, in this server i saw gladis,tyrants (i was surprised actually) but anyway this is custom for ya. Really it doesnt require high IQ to understand the more you increase the stats the faster pvp gets. In the video you see the mage vs archer , mage wasnt full geared like the archer and still he could do some serious dmg (I should find better geared mage) anyway u get the point.

Grinding: Compared to other pvp+custom servers (like l2extreme) you can actually grind solo w.o people busting your balls . Farmingl spots are big and unique so even if this server was super crowded u could still find spots to farm etc... You can easily get full gear in just a few days.

Donations: Good thing about donations in this server is that admin didnt include the custom armors/weaps and enchant donates overall items to give advantage over the f2p players. Everyone is almost equal in the progress department i rly liked that. First admin i saw who doesnt sell his mother for money in the review series. Especially for a pvp+customs server it's a rare sight to see.

Staff: Admin is actually active, i made a petition because of spawn issue on farming spot for AA and he answered almost immediately. He was also informing people for the upcoming updates. He actually cares (*rare*).

  • Staff Cares
  • Community
  • Good with unique features farming zones
  • Few class's to play for pvp
  • Customs
Since admin actually cares and do fixes regularly, i definitely recommend this server for guys who like this kind of servers.

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